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They leak. They're made of fabric – there’s no way they could contain an entire nighttime's worth of pee.

When used properly, cloth diapers rarely leak. Leaks usually occur with cloth diapers when they are ill-fitting or when the waterproof cover isn’t totally covering the absorbent component. These problems are usually easily reprimanded by ensuring that no cloth components are sticking out of the waterproof cover and that there is a snug fit at the waist and leg openings. For heavy night…

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September 26, 2014

Autumn Essentials

As per usual, the summer came to an end too quickly and we are now officially into fall. Fall means cooler weather, changing leaves and crisper air. In a lot of cases, it also means more puddles to jump in, more sniffly noses and an increased need for warm and dry layers. At Diaper-eez, we love autumn, but understand that it can present some challenges. We carry a handful of products that we think are perfect for helping you and your family make the most of this fall season.

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Diapereez Gift Registry

The Diapereez Gift Registry

Building a gift registry is a great way to ensure those who wish to welcome your new baby with gifts, do so with items that are well suited to your needs, lifestyle and taste. Compile a registry and share it with your family and friends.

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